sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2009

Ainda Dennis Sandole

O Francisco descobriu e enviou-me mais e muito interessante informação sobre Dennis Sandole, famoso professor de muitos e respeitados músicos entre os quais John Coltrane.
Trata-se da página web de Billy Newman, um dos seus ex-alunos onde podemos encontrar informação sobre métodos pedagógicos, sobre a personalidade do mestre e até exemplos audio. Há mesmo uma página dedicada exclusivamente ao professor Sandole.

Conta Billy Newman:

"Dennis Sandole was my teacher between 1988 and 1990. He taught Coltrane, Moody, Randy Brecker and Art Farmer amongst other luminaries. Quite an eccentric, he played the role of an old master rather comically. Musically he had a unique approach. Most of his lessons kept me continuously writing and arranging short melodies for guitar. Creating many composition cells that later could be used in a montage or cross-related and extended, was his approach. I've placed some of my small studies (recorded on a cheap tape recorder) on the Dennis Sandole page. He used uncommon materials such as exotic and pan-tonal scales. He passed away in 2000 at the age of 87. His system probably couldn't be completely codified but there is a huge quantity of musical "literature" floating around with his many students which I believe could be studied, organized and made useful to others. One thing which is gone forever is Dennis playing his lines haltingly on piano, opening your ears to an incredible array of contrasting musical gestures. There was a progression of musical devices that all students received in an organized way over the years of study. There exist students who were with him for over 20 years. Some who mainly privately vented their musical passions in small suburbs close to Trenton and Philly. "

domingo, janeiro 18, 2009

Comandante Chesley Sullenberger


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